Nordic Ware Headquarters

New addition, renovations and long-term partnership

Nordic Ware

St. Louis Park

Nordic Ware hired Greiner Construction to construct a new 60,000 square foot warehouse with a shipping area, office and staff break rooms. Attached to their existing headquarters, Greiner had just over 100 days to complete the project in time for Nordic Ware to receive shipments at the new facility.

Upon site inspection, Greiner discovered that the land contained a mixture of organic soil with possible contaminants, requiring all soils to remain on-site.

Greiner made modifications to enhance the soil’s bearing capacity, crushing limestone boulders found in the excavation process to use as fill for the base of the building.

Working diligently with the tight schedule and making necessary arrangements to overcome contaminated soil conditions, Greiner successfully completed Nordic Ware’s warehouse in time for its first shipment, as scheduled.

Greiner has continued to provide construction services throughout Nordic Ware’s complex totaling over 90,000 square feet.

Departmental offices include:
Human Resources
Industrial Coating
Quality Control
Metal Press

Three (3) separate break rooms and six (6) separate sets of rest rooms throughout the facility.

Today, Greiner continues to hold a strong partnership with Nordic Ware in the renovations and expansions throughout their campus in St. Louis Park.

“...we gave Greiner a very tight deadline to work with and they actually completed the 60,000 sq ft building, with offices, 10 days early! They did everything they said they were going to do and came through ahead of time and on budget...”