Colonial Square

Working with the out-of-state developer, Regency Centers, the exterior of the Colonial Square strip center was upgraded while occupied.

Exterior façade upgrade

Project – Colonial Square

Originally built in 1958, and with an average of 20,000 vehicles daily, Greiner renovated the exterior facade of three (3) existing buildings – coming out to over 50% of the strip center, all while the stores remained open. Completed in multiple stages, the scope of work included structural work, new cupolas, repaving/stripping the parking lot, all new sidewalk and paver sections, replacement of all windows and entrance doors, new landscape, new roof on the North and East buildings, all new upgraded building facade, and new signage and under-canopy lighting.

Greiner kept every tenant space open and maintained the access to every door entry throughout the sidewalk/paver replacement as well as during the canopy and siding replacement. During construction, we created pedestrian walkways over the new sidewalks, and maintained pedestrian traffic around all of the new surface work.

The five (5) month schedule included upgrades that encompassed 4,781 square feet of exterior façade and 5.5 acres of sitework (a new parking lot, concrete sidewalks, brick pavers and landscaping).

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